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DIET FOR A DIFFERENT DISEASES ( lifestyle disorders)

DIET FOR A DIFFERENT DISEASES ( lifestyle disorders)

 I (Meghana Kumare)  am clinical nutrtioist so your health is more importanat for me . Clincal nutritionist  Meghana Kumare is here to help you how simply you can change your diet and lifestle and new  lifesyle will change  your whole blood parameter.

  1. Diet for cancer, diabtes,cardiovascular disease, kidney diseases, liver dieases, arthrities
  2. Diet for immunity
  3. Diet for detox
  4. Diet in pgnancy and lactation period
  5. Diet for Brdals 

In world, micronutrient deficiencies are widespred. More than half the women and children are anaemic ,reduction in vitamin – A deficiencies and iodine dificiency disorders is sub optimal .Alteration in lifestyle and dietary intake have further led to the increasing prevalance of obesity and associated non communicable disease such as diabestese mellitus and coronary heart diseases. the country today, in fact, is facing the dual burden of undernutrtion and overnutrtion and associated health problems. nowa days cancer is spreding like a viral.

Many of these healthy/ medical conditions, as you might be aware by now , occur due to stress and poor dietary habits related to food choices, lifestyle habits, and the environment.Interstingly , nutrtional insufficiencies and enironmental stress can often be corrected to restore optimal nutrtionl health before serious health problems emerge. In fact some conditions such as high cholesterol, hypertention  or high blood pressure, and non – insulin dependent diabetes mellitus most physician will recommend that the indivisual try o reverse the problem with diet and lifestyle changes before prescribing medication or other form of treatement . The term commonly used now to manage medical conditions through nutrtional intervention is medical nutrtion therapy.

You may have read or heard of cases, wherein an indivisual canot tolerate a particular food or very often after consuming specific food have reported immediate and often dramatic physical reactions such as vomiting, diarrhoea , cramps, wheezing, swelling of the airways etc. These are , in fact different conditions which link food to adverse reactions.  MEGHANA KUMARE Clinical Nutrtionist will help to come out from this allergic symptoms . Meghana Kumare nutrtionsit increase your immunity and proper digestive systeam through the special DETOX programme. 

Have you ever thought that the benificial effects of the drugs that we take can be affected by the foods in our diet? Diet and lifestle can sometimes have a significant impact on a drug’s ability to work in the body. These food and drug interactions can have dramatic, even dangerous efects on the way our bodies react to drugs. The common food and drug interactions and provides handy advice to get the best results from the drugs that you nees to take.

Nutrtion is important in the management of gastrointestinal diseases because the job of the intestinal tract is to digest and absorb nutrients. the therapuatic approch to most gastorintestinal problems involves a combination of medication and nutrtional therapy. as we know “ dil ka rasta pet se jata hai” according to me “ bimari (disease) ka rasta bhi pet se hi jata hai” so we need healthy GUT for that we need more good microbes and less bad microbes . Make it your healthy GUT with nutrtionist Meghana Kumare through a special programme of “DETOX GUT DIET PLAN”

The kidneys, we know, are small organs located near the vertebral column at he back. Their main purpose is to remove the waste materials from the body through filteration of he blood . They also conserve water , salt , and electrolytes. Some of the common kidney diseases and conditions include nephrities, nephrotic disease, acute and chronic renal failure and end stage of diseases including trsplantation . in theses all conditions diet part is very essential and meghana kumare nutrtionist will help you here.

Nutrtion is one of the basic components of life. It is an essential part of health care. You already know that good nutrition is essential for the maintenence of optimum health , prevention of diseases and recovery from illness. Provision of proper attention to nutrtion can remarkably alter the course of illness when it occurs.





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