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 without the right food , even physical conditioning are not adequate to attain the best results.your entire performance is based on your fitness which depend upon the intake of right food athelete can perform well if they have the desired body fat percentage for their specific sports . so we are here to help you to inhance your performance through the diet in sports right quantity of cosumption is important. Even supplement like arginine , glutamine , alanine can take through the food . so plan your diet and inhance your performance. crbohydrate lodind carbohydrate deficient , high protein in resting period is included.


Therfore, after several years of reserach and development, the result is this encyclopedic resource on fitness and sports nutrtion which professional trainers, atheletes , and fitness enthusiasits can immediately benefits from. we relied on nutrtion principles that are established in the scientific literature and those evolving from our experience, the experience of elite atheletes we work with . Most often , theletes are led astray by following hyoed – up nutrtion and supplements like a whey protein powder; BCCa programs based  on their marketing slogans and other similar forms of misinformation and are not able to benefits from the new scientific adavances being made in sports nutrtion.

what these earlycompetitors realized in their own crude way was that nutrtion is an important factors of physical performance. 

we know much more now about how nutrtion affects performance , and we reserve high protein diets for special times and only for certain groups of athletes. Furthermore, the athelete must be using all aspects of nutrtion correctly. there is no single food solution that will increase athletic performance. The misconception of magic food solution is the reason why there are so many nutrtion myths and such tremendous contraversy within the field of sports nutrtion . Nutrtion for athletes is an involved science, and many factors must be considered to achive maximum results.

do you know that “indivisual with special nutrtion needs are not covered by RDAs” but PDI – PERFORMANCE DAILY INTAKES  give athletes a set of guidelines based on the science of nutrtion and sports nutrtion. These guidelines provide safe nutrtion information based on research and reference publication.

SPORT NUTRTIONIST MEGHANA KUMARE SAYS “ We now know that for peak performance you must consume certain foods before and after exercise. Breakfast will be different than dinner. meals will vary from day to day , depending on activity level. The powerlifter will eat different than the basketball player. The proportions of carbohydrate, protein, fat, and cofactors must watch day – long metabolic needs . This requires knowledge  of unique metabolic demands. body type and body composition, specific sport training , and activity level all determine nutrtional needs . Meal scheduling is also important”

when you think of the high – tech society we live in today, it is hard to belive that it was only a few decades ago that the practice of carbohydrate loading and intake of carbohydrates during athletic events began. many of you may still remember the day when marathon runner experienced the phenomena of “hitting the wall” at the end of the race when they depleted their body’s store of carbohydrates and were running on primarily stored fat . By simple ingesting a carbohydrate drink during the race , marathoners could increase their speed and avoid hitting the wall. It also exemplified the need for taking a scientific approch to nutrtion.  so make your diet plan acoording to your sports with  sport nutrtionist meghana kumare   


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