Diwali special... KUCH MITHA HO JAYE

Diwali special... KUCH MITHA HO JAYE

By Meghana Kumare  on: 18 October 2017
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DIWALI’ is a celebrating time with diyas, new cloths , and so many food dishes . we are used to celebrate our joy or happiness withs sweets so in our Diwali sweets are major part . we are just waiting of this mitha and no dought this mitha is high calories . according to one servey (research) that indian people’s suger are more spike  after Diwali . why its so ? and the answer is “ thodese se kuch nahi hota” but that thodasa (small quantity) become more . let’s face it , living life without sugar and fat is not feasible.

Basically Diwali is always coming in winter seizen and in winter season we need more fat  for our metabolism and for our joints.  And for this fat absorption we need carbohydrate so sweet are combination of that. So we should eat sweets but with the good combination of carbohydrate,fats 

vitamins and minerals so you get a maximum benefits.



GOOD  FATS- all dry fruits , ghee and oils ,white butter.

GOOD SUGER – suger are high in carbohydrate and calories and low nutrients. So be smart about how you eat them and what quantity .

Best options – honey , gur ,molasses (cane suger juice ), stavia , maple  syrup ,unrefined suger ,fructose ( fruit juices ) this all are available in market and its good options instent of refined suger.

Sweets option –

Gajar halwa with dry fruits – carrot have a rich of vitamin A ( beta carotene)and absorption for this fat soluble vitamin need fats ( ghee )

Moong dal halwa – same quantity of  moong dal and  dry fruits with ghee and good suger option.

Dry fruit ladoo- generally we are making this dry ladoos after Diwali  but why not this Diwali : dink or gond plus lots of walnuts ,badam , methi and other dry fruits, you will get maximum nutrtion

Fruits custard- loaded with vitamins and minerals . don’t forget to add dry fruits.

Coconut burfi: very healthy , coconut have MCT ( MEDIUM CHAIN TRYGLYCERUDE ). Even good for ‘HEART PATIENTS’.

Kheer – sweet potato, rice , sewai,pumpkin ,carrot , lauki.

This Diwali some sweet tips for you  :

  • All sweets should be eat in less quantity
  • use  good fats and suger
  • strictly avoided dalda and vanaspati
  • Avoid add artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours
  • Avoid sweets which made up from maida like shankerpala and balushahi
  • Use a naturals foods like milk , kesar , iliachi, dry fruits , roses( for flavouring)
  • Try to make all dishesh at home so less chance of adultration
  • Use more fruit pulp like pumpkin , sitaphal, chikoo,banana etc

According to RICHARD ARMOUR “ when it comes to eating , you can sometimes help yourself more by helping yourself less”.

In this Diwali serve a best and nutritious sweets to your family and friends so try this new nutritious recepies in this diwali.






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