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  • Acidity ? Simple home remedies to get rid of it.

    In Health Tips On 12 June 2017

    MEGHANA KUMARE DIETICIAN    ACIDITY IS A COMMON PROBLEM AND ITS PREVENTION We see people avoiding eating many things and they produce a reason '' I have an Acidity Problem".  Acidity is alifestyle  disease. Acidity is dependent on stress level, lack of adequate sleep and ofcourse diet and exercise. Intresetingly,  this much talked  about health issue is not handled with  accurate remidies. Every individual is diffrent and the '' Nuskha" that cures one person may not help another.  Among the very common MYTH is that COLD MILK will help you out in Acidity. It may make you feel better for the time being. It reocurence after some time, because milks buffer action is acidic so its stimulate acidity and it aggravates it . Everyone knows that heart burn is a symptom of acidity. Apart from this many symtoms are seen like a migraine, abdominal and chest pain, sometimes backpain. In several cases this small acidity convert to peptic ulcers. Antacid may be used, it provides immediate relief from symptoms by neutralizing the excess acid which is secreted. So try following homemade remedies which can be easily followed to get relief from acidity . Water - Drink a lot of water to make your body alkaline. Consumption of fruits - alkaline fruits like banana , chikoo and mango, watermelon, muskmelon should be eaten Tulsi leaves-  it help  produces more mucous in stomach and reduces the effect of gastric acid Jeera - stimulate the production of saliva for better digestion Cloves - it is calmative and improves the movement of food down the stomach it helps to secreat excess saliva Eliachi- acoording to Ayurveda eliachi balances all three doshas , stimulates digestion and relives stomach spasam . Pudina or mint - it gives a cooling effect and reduces the burning sensation Ginger- it helps in better absorption and digestion of food Amla- it has vitamin C and high fiber which helps in healing stomach linning affected due to acidity Apple cider Vinegar- one teaspoon of this vinegar added to a glass of cold water has alkalizing effect. Thus it helps in treating stomach acidity Gaddishakkar or mishari - taking a mishari helps to reduce acidity . this should be taken by acidity prone people regularly. Manuka - take 10-12 manuka, it helps to reduce acidity . The problem of acidity can be managed by avoiding  the known causative factors like alcohol consumption spicy foods,  steroids etc.  People who are highly stressed must take psychological treatement. Avoid non- vegetarian diets. It is usefull in minimizing symtoms of acidity .The acidity should not be neglected to avoid further complications . Its treatement should be continuous to avoid reacurence. For Acidity treatement, one need to keep a close watch on the food habits and the symptoms. Finaly just want to say sickness and diseases can be vicious so keep your body strong and eat nutritious.      

  • Sports Nutrition, a must know for all Sporties!

    In Health Tips On 08 September 2017

    MEGHANA KUMARE SPORT NUTRTIONIST Without the right food, even physical conditioning and expert coaching are not adequate to attain the best results Our country is making a mark in almost every field and sports are not an exception. Fitness is most important term when it comes to Sports!  While right exercise can give you desired results and make you reach to the ideal physique for the sport form you have chosen, right food supplement plays a vital role. Your entire performance is based on your fitness which depend upon the intake of right food. 'Physical fitness' is the very common terminology we get to hear or use so many times. Let us understand the scientific meaning of being physically fit and the components needed to be measured to state that a person is physically fit or unfit.  If we talk about sports today, it is becoming increasingly competitive. More and more stress is being placed on how well the sportsperson performs and wins medals. The struggle for a strong portfolio is on every time. Along with the training and motivation, adequate diet is equally important component for an athlete. Without the right food, even physical conditioning and expert coaching are not enough to achieve the best results. Athletes can perform well if they have the desired body fat percentage for their specific sport. In an attempt to attain body fat levels that are inappropriate, or have body fat percentages below the minimal levels, they may adopt dangerous dieting patterns. Thus, there are chances that they may be at risk for an eating disorder (anorexia or bulimia) or other health problems associated to poor energy and nutrient intakes. Pre-exercise or pre event meals- Consume high carbohydrate before sport event/ exercise/ match because blood glucose is replenished from liver glycogen..... during sleep breakdowns of this glycogen so in the morning glycogen level are low so include more carbohydrate in the night. Food with higher sugar levels should be avoided Meals should be taken 2 to 4 hours before exercise Take frequent meals than onetime large meals. Dont try new food, like new dishes/ recipes during the competition days During Exercise - To maintain water balance drink sufficient water Maintain electrolyte Balance, so take any electrolyte powder or go for coconut water, which is the best electrolyte. Maintain normal blood sugar level-so glucose water is a must. After Exercise- Remember the three ''R'' Replace fluid that is lost during exercise so drink a lot of water in the form of kokum sharbat, Buttermilk (thin), Lemonade, coconut water, khus sharbat etc. Refill carbohydrates level have some carbohydrates rich food like banana, or gluose water etc Replace electrolyte (Sodium, Potassium and Chloride) for this one can have lemon sharbat, coconut water or electrolyte powder. Certain foods dietary regimens or supplements improve performance.     

  • A Healthy Connection - Chakra’s & Food

    In Health Tips On 08 September 2017

    MEGHM Our grandparents, have always insisted us about Shuddha  and Sampurn Ahaar. The cleaner, less processed and natural food you have in your diet, the chances of living a healthy life are even more.  There are seven centers in our body in which energy flows through. These are called the Chakras. The chakras are closely related to various systems in our body. Each Chakra has close resemblance with the science of colours. Rainbow has seven colour = Similarly = seven chakras has colours that are close to our nature. When we see the rainbow we feel happy and we get a positive energy. Science also says if we eat a seven different colour & taste of food we get all nutrients and antioxidants. So here let us try to understand that healthy connection of various colours food and the Chakra in our body All of us know that that we consume food which gives us energy & chakras also give us energy. If we are eating balanced diet, clean diet and more close to nature diet we will definitely get positive energy. If we are into the negative thought process then our chakras become weak emitting the more negative energy. So think positive for positivity and positive energy. Now this positivity along with good food and bring loads of happiness for healthy life. Negative Energy leads to so many diseases, including various disorders like acidity and even cancer. Positive Energy leads to give you healthy body(disease free life) So just look at the relationship between Chakras and Food. Muladhar Chakra: it is located at the base of sacrum or spinal cord. The colour for this Chakra is Red. It is related to reproductive system so if you have any reproductive system problem have beet root, red apple, pomegranate, tomatoes, strawberries. Janadhishtan Chakra: This chakra is located below the navel. These chakra help to strengthen your excretory system. Constipation, diarrhoea, kidney stone and kidney disease prevail if this chakra  is  weak. Jandhisthan chakra has a orange colour. So eat more carrot, orange colour mangoes, pumpkin, yams, nuts &oils (unrefined). Manipura Chakra: This chakra is just above the navel. It helps to strengthen your digestive system and this chakra help to cure gases, acidity problem. This chakra colour is yellow. And the light yellow colour food are pineapple, daal, yellow mango that are really helpful. Anahata Chakra: These chakra located in the center of the chest. It helps to fortify the immune system. The colour of the chakra is green- so green leafy vegetables, green apple, green veggies like broccoli are the good options to be taken and stay fit. Visudha Chakra- this chakra is located near third gland. So it helps to strengthen and support your respiratory system. This chakras  colour is light blue, so water is the host example to help to strengthen this chakra, green tea, herbal tea. Lemon grass tea is the best example to take care of this chakras. Ajna chakra: This chakra is located in between our eyes. It helps to fortify  our nervous system as well as endocrine system. Dark blue colour or purple colour are indicated by this chakra. Brinjal, grapes, plump, black tea or good food to help to nourish this chakra. Grown chakra/Sahasrana chakra: last but not the least. Grown chakra it is located in the brain or you can say at the tip of our nervous system. It helps to boost our metabolism. So if you want a weight reduction or weight gain this chakra should be strong. It also strengthens our whole CNS( Central Nervous System). It is imp chakra & thats why it called as grown chakra. Its colour is a mixture of dark purple, violet and white so if dominating colour is white so one must eat mushroom, garlic, ginger, onion, litchi and coconut water and coconut. In all, a single line summary of the above literature is that include all colour food in your diet, stay happy, positive and stay healthy!  Balanced Food  & Positive Thinking = Healthy Life MEGHANA KUMARE  WEIGHT LOSS DIETITIAN 

  • Choose Right Food, Live Healthy Life!

    In Health Tips On 08 September 2017

    We believe that good health has a connection with the kind of food you eat. It is well established fact that if you eat too much fatty food and calorific diet you are tend to increase your body fat, in other words, you become fat. This is mainly because dietary fats tend to be more easily stored as a fat than carbohydrates or proteins. Give you simple example - if you do not drink enough water, then your kidneys do not function efficiently to excrete body toxins and your skin becomes more prone to appearance of acnes. So all macronutrient { protein, carbohydrate, fats} and micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are digesting and absorbing from our lovely 25 feet digestive system .Most of the people enjoy eating .In fact , the average person eats several pounds of food every year. It is not amazing that all we have to do to survive is shovel some food in our mouths, drink some liquid, and let our bodies do the rest. Eating for survival approach is fine but if your goal is to extend your life then your digestive system should be healthy. Our digestive Enzymes: Our mouth to our rectum so many enzymes are present for digestion and absorption but, because we are eating more carbohydrates, these enzymes become deficient in our system. You can improve your enzymes with the help of food like papaya, pineapple and vitamin C food intake. Intestinal bacteria : Within everyone%u2019s intestinal tract there are billions of microscopic bacteria . Human babies are born with a group of bacteria called lactobacilli present in their  body. These bacteria are the indigenous flora of the intestines and are important in maintaining proper intestinal functioning and overall health. These bacteria benefit the health of the entire body by suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria. Have you heard about probiotic ? Probiotics literally means for life and the right supplement can help you add good yeast to your intestinal  tract. Improving Stomach Acid and HCI If you dont have enough HCL, you can experience a variety of digestive issues, and studies have shown that it decreases with age. 21 Drink four ounces of water with half of a fresh  squeezed lemon -About 15 minutes before eating a meal. This can boost stomach acid gently and naturally. Put one tablespoon of raw, unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar into eight ounces of water.Drink this about 15 minutes before eating a meal. Some people gradually add another tablespoon or two if they need more support. This is another natural, gentle way to boost stomach acid production. Take digestive bitters: Digestive or Swedish bitters have been used as a remedy in Europe for quite some time and are a natural way for stimulating HCL to aid digestion. You can put ? teaspoon in water, or some in a spray bottle.  Digestive bitters are made of a combination of herbs, such as: aloe, saffron, camphor, peel, fennel seed ginger root. Take an HCI supplement :There are some supplement which are available in market but for this please ask your physician or dietician Lets make it a point that we incorporate some health boosting foods in our diet. We take a step forward to maintain our body health internally so that we are open to enjoy the external world. Live life King Size!  

  • Home Made Easy & Yummy Fruit Jam

    In Health Tips On 09 September 2017

    Many of us know that our kids like jam roti or jam bread ...and for this reason jam is always available in our Fridge. Many times we think "at least baccha iske sath khata to hai " but letting this jam eat, with so many preservatives ; high refined sugar and it safe for our children? exactly not ! So what's the option ? homemade jam ! it's easy to make.... take any seasonal fruit like guava , plum , pear, apple etc   Wash it, cut it, boil it, without water add brown suger or jaggery or organic honey or stevia.  Choice is yours... Add some cinnemon powder. Cooked it till it fully evaporated... cool it put it in dry clean glass container Keep it in Fridge.... ur delicious jam is ready for ur kids Which is for Sure... tasty bhi healthy bhi  

  • Diwali special... KUCH MITHA HO JAYE

    In Health Tips On 18 October 2017

      KUCH MITHA HO JAYE ‘DIWALI’ is a celebrating time with diyas, new cloths , and so many food dishes . we are used to celebrate our joy or happiness withs sweets so in our Diwali sweets are major part . we are just waiting of this mitha and no dought this mitha is high calories . according to one servey (research) that indian people’s suger are more spike  after Diwali . why its so ? and the answer is “ thodese se kuch nahi hota” but that thodasa (small quantity) become more . let’s face it , living life without sugar and fat is not feasible. Basically Diwali is always coming in winter seizen and in winter season we need more fat  for our metabolism and for our joints.  And for this fat absorption we need carbohydrate so sweet are combination of that. So we should eat sweets but with the good combination of carbohydrate,fats  vitamins and minerals so you get a maximum benefits. SWEETS = FAT + REFINED SUGER = HIGH CALORIES  = NO NUTRTION MODIFICATION  OF SWEETS = GOOD FATS + SUGER ALTERNATIVES + VITAMINS AND MINERALS GOOD  FATS- all dry fruits , ghee and oils ,white butter. GOOD SUGER – suger are high in carbohydrate and calories and low nutrients. So be smart about how you eat them and what quantity . Best options – honey , gur ,molasses (cane suger juice ), stavia , maple  syrup ,unrefined suger ,fructose ( fruit juices ) this all are available in market and its good options instent of refined suger. Sweets option – Gajar halwa with dry fruits – carrot have a rich of vitamin A ( beta carotene)and absorption for this fat soluble vitamin need fats ( ghee ) Moong dal halwa – same quantity of  moong dal and  dry fruits with ghee and good suger option. Dry fruit ladoo- generally we are making this dry ladoos after Diwali  but why not this Diwali : dink or gond plus lots of walnuts ,badam , methi and other dry fruits, you will get maximum nutrtion Fruits custard- loaded with vitamins and minerals . don’t forget to add dry fruits. Coconut burfi: very healthy , coconut have MCT ( MEDIUM CHAIN TRYGLYCERUDE ). Even good for ‘HEART PATIENTS’. Kheer – sweet potato, rice , sewai,pumpkin ,carrot , lauki. This Diwali some sweet tips for you  : All sweets should be eat in less quantity use  good fats and suger strictly avoided dalda and vanaspati Avoid add artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours Avoid sweets which made up from maida like shankerpala and balushahi Use a naturals foods like milk , kesar , iliachi, dry fruits , roses( for flavouring) Try to make all dishesh at home so less chance of adultration Use more fruit pulp like pumpkin , sitaphal, chikoo,banana etc According to RICHARD ARMOUR “ when it comes to eating , you can sometimes help yourself more by helping yourself less”. In this Diwali serve a best and nutritious sweets to your family and friends so try this new nutritious recepies in this diwali.        

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